Check out my new project on kickstarter

Ummmm… Moderator… Off with their heads

Not sure why my original post is not showing up but here is the link to my project. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism on the product itself and share it with your friends.

This is a place to post projects and get feedback and input, not shell kickstarter campaigns. That is why the original post was removed. If you wanted feedback you would post the project as a work in progress, not a complete product ready for funding.

I still see this as part of the design process. Yes a kickstarter campaign is used to generate funds but it can also be used to generate feedback geared towards retail which I think is often overlooked. If you think about it, it’s a nice way to showcase a product and get peoples responses without actually making the investment to full production. If the project is a success, great, and if not perhaps it will shed light on what needs to change? Im not sure as this is my first time using the platform. I am very open to discussion about my process and this is part of it.

Yes but by just linking to your KS project you are simply being lazy. Take the time to rewrite, re-post the questions and feedback you want, based on the impartial audience here on Core, not on attracting potential customers. You don’t even need to refer to the KS project.

Com’on Mr. Williams, it’s a 30" sq. pegboard, it uses “standard” off-the-shelf peg board hooks. What have you “designed” that requires funding to get off the ground?

Why don’t you just sell these on etsy? Of over 600 items listed under the tag “peg board” none were what you are selling (I checked). Of course at this point why bother? Four “Peggys” out the door and $980 in…