Check out my flash portfolio

Any suggestions on the content? …or anything else?

You waste alot of space. Too much white space. I trying to look at alot of samples in a small ass area. I say bring it out a bit.

i disagree with dow… you can never have to much white space. the page reads well. no need to make the images larger either…they get the point across. only critique- - - in the project description try working with another color than black and play with the type a little…it could read a lot better graphically.

WEll I too agree that the layout is great but it doesn’t fit with the application. My thought would be too have the centre bar shift to the left and be a navigator to the site and all your work is displayed larger on the left. Just a thought. But great work, I need to keep sketching!!!lol great skills man good luck

I’m a big fan on white space, but here I think you use too much. I think the way you scroll throught the images is really cool, but it’s just to narrow, widen it up a bit. Other than that it’s really really nice.

Thanks for the comments so far, guys! :smiley:
The reason the images are so small is to speed up the loading of the portfolio items. If I increase the size, it will take longer to load…a tricky balance. Is the loading time fast enough to warrant larger images? I’m worried that the dialup users will get pissed off and leave the site before seeing anything.

It’s nice to think of dialup people but i think the main thing your site is for is to showcase your skills to potential employers. That being the case most if not all will have broadband. And a slight increase in size wouldn’t hurt the dialup people either. I mean if they have dialup in this day and age then they face download issues all the time.

Nice job! I really enjoyed the site. But I agree with some of the other comments; keep the same proportions but try to bump up the size by 30-40% if possible.

Also, potential employers do not (should not) have dial up. Try to make sure that your site opens in less than a minute…also helps to have a visual reference of the site loading progress, which is no problem since your site already has it.

In short, good job!

awesome stuff! now admit to yourself that you have powers!

it is nice
One thing though…I was bothered by the slow scrolling speed
may be you can speed it up a bit

Nice site, I just wish I didn’t have to keep going to the top section for portfolio or about me to go to the next project. Maybe after you click one, a small thumb link to the other ones could be there, at the bottom of your scroll arrows?

Hi again, folks! The website has now been COMPLETELY redesigned. Please look here at the latest version:

I’m desperate to improve it, so ANY comments are welcome.

(it’s rather slow for dialup connections, sorry about that)

I kept trying to click on those prominent icons, and nothing happened. I even tried opening your page in IE6 (I typically use Firefox) to see why I couldn’t navigate with those enormous icons. Therefore…I don’t see why they’re there if they’re not serving as vehicles to get me somewhere else. It was only after a half-dozen attempts to navigate your site in vain that I noticed the thumbnail navigation system you’re subscribing to. If there is a way to tie those enormou icons to examples of Ideation, for example, or Prototyping, IMO that would make your site much more user-friendly and it wouldn’t get in the way of the product…which I believe to be examples of Ideation, Prototyping, and 3D modeling. Just a few thoughts from a real web novice.



Overall I think the site is good. The content is impressive.
A few little things I noticed are that the icons (ideation, proto…) take a long time to fade in, then don’t do anything. I’d fade them in a little quicker, and slow down the picture transitions in the top bar.
Otherwise a very strong site, I think the white space draws the viewer to the content and is effective,

Nice stuff. I tried to click on the icons too. I figured it out after a few seconds, but the icons were screaming “click me”

Thanks, guys! I’ve changed those big icons so when u click on them, u see a ‘hotpot’ of my best work. Does it work?