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Very interesting!

I think so also. Amazing metrics and arguably credible. Anyone in design(in a corporate environment especially) can make great use of this info, I should think.


That is really awesome. A lot of people have been saying this is the type of research and public messaging the IDSA should be doing…

Now please tell me again why IDSA is not generating data like this?

Exactly. This is the type of research that the IDSA should be doing on a ongoing basis, and empowering designers with data that helps prove the power of Design.

Having heard the Design Council’s data and visited its web site, all I can say is “Kudos!” What a terrific job. And the way they have used the information is impactful over a longer term, too. Perhaps if all the US design associations got together, we could raise the kind of funds required to conduct such work. It would certainly be a worthwhile and absolutely synergistic area for IDSA to collaborate with DMI, SEGD, AIGA, ASLA, AIA, CDF and and DF. Enough with weeping tears of frustration over the lack of a US Design Council. The need to establish and quantify design’s impact for business in business terms is urgent today for all designers. All the associations have taken their own approach to this, but we may be more effective, or add another facet to the discussion, if we work together and learn from the UK’s Design Council.

I will put this in front of my company’s leadership. BUT, it will lack impact for two reasons 1) It’s UK based 2) It doesn’t break down by industry.

The IDSA simply MUST start championing this type of research. The Business Week relationship is a great first step, but business leaders aren’t relating to design awards, they need to (as Mark puts it) speak the language of business: numbers.

A US design index would be an easy start.