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Hey folks,
I would really appreciate any constructive comments/crits for my portfolio website. Graduated last year from a multidiciplinary 3d design course and finding it hard to get work in UK. Not fitting into other peoples boxes I guess…




Perhaps your to multi disciplined and should adjust your portfolio went sending stuff out. It all depend on what your after some consultancies like to see lots of different stuff…some like to see more focus on one side of things.

Just a thought.

I didn’t really get the watch sleep thing…may be a small description for the product would help. Or redesign your presentation boards to suit the web not the print format they were original intended for.

my 2p

Thanks for the comments… I think that i will try to simplify projects down to a couple of slick images and some txt rather than project boards. Its hard to find the energy to rework something that you have put so much effort into but it does need to be adjusted for web. Do you think that I should do similar for proper print folio and just pare it down rather than having full projects in?

Saw your stuff (ceramic hob etc) at New Des in Lon last year. Sweet. All the best and thanks for the comments.

yeah i know what you mean. You work so hard pushing for a deadline and after its all over you dont want to look at it ever again. On the web people oftern bass through lots of things so the simpler it is to communicate the idea the better. But then have so more in depth stuff for those who want to find out more. from my experience design consulatcys all ways want to see how you reached you idea…models, protoypes…key sketches…etc.

For my portfolio i would take to an interview apart from removing stuff that is not really relivant i do show the orgonal board i did but also have around 10-15 A3 pages from my sketch book…only pick out the best bits. then you can talk through the process of how you achived your final design.

cheers the for comment about the hob.

good luck!

PS: perhaps a small ‘next’ and ‘previous’ text buttons would make your site a little easyer to navigate…just a thought


I’m in a similar position to yourself, but studied a more specific design degree in Product Design (considered Napier actually, but it seemed to broad).

Anyway, some of your work is nice, but I can’t help but feel you might be better pushing your own work, like some of the new glasgow companies or oldies like One Foot Taller. Only reason I say this is that manufacturers and consultancies generally look for more ‘technical’ designers and don’t see much on manufacturing, materials for mass production, etc.

I would however get some stuff off to Fitch in London, addressed to Paul Brennan (director). He tends to like thought process, and i’m vaguely pencilled in for ideation/sketching work. Maybe you’ll have some sucess.

Currently I’m building GRP donkeys and turnips for a Robin Hood theme park ride in Lincoln, so your not the only one finding it tough!

Best of luck,