Cheapish ID school in a nice country?

Question: I want to study ID. I want to study ID in a place where it’s nice and affordable and also in a country that would be cool to live in for a few years.

Austrailia and New Zealand seem to have high college costs for international students.
Italy seems to be at about 6k.
Uk, Ireland -not interested.
The Netherlands seems to be 1.5 to 2k.

Any ideas anyone?

Go to Canada if you are not from here. Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal. Vancouver is the best and most beautiful city in the world - I am not kidding you- 2 million people- Emily Carr school is well known and cheap in tuition. Check their website. Calgary close to the mountains for snowboarding, 1 million people- try Alberta College of Arts and Design. Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world, 6 million people- see Ontario College of arts and design. Montreal, 3.5 million people- the most stylish city in North America if not the world.Just pick which city and you will have tons of fun. Don’t believe the hype- just go to Canada.

Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Don’t go to Canada, seriously…

Some points why you shouldn’t…

a) no one in North America is going to consider it “international”
b) overall selection of universities is fewer
c) overall quality of universties is far less than US schools
d) no NHL either…

there is a good reason why many international students study design here in the US, then return to their home countries. In addition, certain universities have really well developed semester exchange programs with good european schools.

Most important, your there to get a DESIGN education…not for fun, snowboarding or to get a cultural education. You can present yourself as the most cultured, diverse, fun person with a “international education” but still be a shitty designer…don’t be that person, they annoy me and talk to much without any action… (c:

oh…to answer your question…I’d stick to Germany if you want to study abroad…but regardless anywhere outside of the US will be expensive.

look at the scandinavian countries where tutution fees are zero!

I am half irish half dutch. The us is mortally expensive. I have no clue about canada. It doesn’t seem practical for me to study over in the US or Canada…ie such a long distance from my homeland.

Italy is 6k per year.
Netherlands 2k and considering I am dutch this would be an advantage to me.
Ireland is 4k but I coul d stay at home perhaps with the exception of the first year,

I need to keep it cheap. But I also wonder where it’s good and nice to be.
I just came from america…broken marriage so I find it annoying now to hear that apaprently the USA is top for design…

btw that reply from guest is from me…:slight_smile:

Midwaste land must be really exciting. Probably more fun than Canada (yah right). George Bush has not outsourced your job to Canada or India yet?

Hey AMP I’m from Chicago studying in Toronto, it sure beats the midwest any day. Canada is just awesome. You should get out of your misserable home and redneck mentality someday and visit the country. Who knows, you might even get laid here!!!EH

Why did you point out Australia and New Zealand as two of your options then? Thay are twice as far as the US. Just pick a school and don’t ask for anymore opinion.

hi i am studying in turkey check
and its cheapest school i think (language of studying - english)
650 us dollars per semister 4 years bachelor degree
write me for auxiliar information: in subject: id abroad


Calm down :exclamation: Go work out to bleed off some of that testosterone and then come back and join us.

Feel better?


While AMP may have stated his case rather strongly, he has a point in that the US has an awesome industrial base compared to Canada, Ireland, NZ, Aussies. Countries like UK and Germany can make an industrial impact because of their position in the EU.

An we are talking about industrial design, are we not? If the discussion was art or writing, then schools in Canada has just as much right to beat their chest as anyone.

You tell that to the Italians bonehead-where they not only impact the EU but the world. Name a German school where the instruction is in English. The Sarah girls is looking for a school in an English or Dutch setting.

I heard Jay Lenno say this once;" With a German car or a British car, you just take it to a drive thru carwash, whereas with an Italian car, you have to take it to handwash carwash-because you just want to touch it" That pretty much speaks for itself!!!

Isn’t Canada part of the Group of Seven most industrialized nations in the world? Yah I thought so. I bet you don’t even know the other 6? The US has 300 million people and Canad has 35 million- in ratio, they produce the same amount of industrial products. Maybe u should do some research before you make a dumb generalization.

Did not mean to cause a dispute with the fellows up north. But I am not aware of a Canadian School which is comparable to Art Center, CCS or UC.

I did not say that Canadian Schools are second rate, but people who replied twisted my statement made my statement appear as taking a elitist american-Bush viewpoint. Its just a fact that the top design schools (top 5%) in North America happen to be located in the United States. They have a broad base of top students from Asia, Europe and North America.

To the guest who posted…Canada’s economic growth as the “group of seven” is directly attributed to the United States. But I realize that Canadians have their “elitist” viewpoint which eliminates any rational economic discussion.

Plus, read the papers more, your industrial business has been horrible in the past five years. Canada’s industrial business ran too tight of profit margins too long resulting in a tanking market…similar to what happened to Detroit ten years ago. American companies are pulling manufacturing from Canada/Mexico and moving to China. Why Canadians have beef with Americans is beyond me, if we do shitty you aren’t too far behind.

I have worked with many german designers and they seem to have a unique view towards design that is very impressive regardless of which school they attend. That’s why I recommended looking into schools there.

In conclusion, top design schools are not a result of their geographical location but are a result of their ability to attract top students.

I am a freakin American bro. I have been on both sides of the border- you havent. So just shut your pie hole for once and let me tell you tha truth. You tell me that a city in the midwest that is better than Toronto. Market tanking? You should look at our American market tanking and a President twisting everything up as if the economy is going great. Have you ever been up here moron? I guess not. Why don’t you go to Germany and suck some German asses. Dude, Kelly is looking for an English taught school- is there an English speaking Industrial Design school in Germany? You are a freakin a-hole- If you worked with some Germans- you should know the schools there. But, you are too stupid (can’t read and write midwesterners) to learn about the world- typical redneck- go screw your sister. You should get your head examined- oooops, I forgot, you have no health care insurance!!! Our tax rate is at 35% as opposed to the US at 30%(The Economist magazine!!!)- but we get cheap tuition, all health for everyone, virtually no crime, clean environment, beautiful women, great beers- not waterized like Bud. You are from the midwest- almost the same weather as in Ontario. Know your geograhy moron. As far as the economy goes, the US economy is in recesion and Canad has not been in recession since 92. The US industrial base has been horrible in the past 5 years- meaning no one is buying American. Not even you beacuse you are from the midwest- you can’t afford any. American companies are coming here- see the oil and gas in Calgary. Firms in Texas and Colorado are coming here because of the oil sand. Heard of the Oil Sand dick? Probably not. US companies are coming here because thy realized that people in Canada can actually read and write.

According to the UN Human Development Index. Heard of that? Probbably not.Canada has been the best place to live 9 years straight and currently second right now- the US in the 5-10 range over the past 15 years.

BTW, I am drinking beer right now in class- a Big Rock. After that, I will go outside and piss my name in the snow except- the weather is 25 Celcius.

Hey AMP. You suck- You are not an American- you are a midwesterneter!!!

As far as the Insurance goes. When you work for a company, the company pays 80-100% of your health insurance. Not all is paid by the govermment.

Sarah…avoid North America…our design schools are too violent…haha…Germany has great programs, Australia has nice beaches. And Turkey has good tuition.

also, english is the universal language…most higher institutions will be able to understand you and work with you to understand if they accept you into their design program.

…and amp has no balls…you are so easy to mess with. Cheer up.

(and I hear that Toledo is a comparable mid-west city to Toronto)

AMP, you are a moron, assuming every design schools in the world is taught in English. Of course, English is the universal language. That does not mean you will be accepted in French, German, Italian, or Japanese schools. You are a closed minded redneck.

Is that all you can jab at me? You are just a freakin loser.

I heard that, I heard this- that’s who you are- you hear everything- but you never actually experience it.

AMP, why don’t you go and jack off hoser!!!


Yup, thats it…go back to your student work drinking beers, I just remember taking deisgn serious and being sober at design studio…not drinking a beer.

This was fun gettin’ you all excited and defending your new residence…but I’m bored…we’ll continue this discussion when the NHL players are back, without hockey the USA/Canada arguements suck.

Errrrrr…does Canada have any teams left or did our shitty economy buy them all up?..heh

I know, without hockey, it kinda sucks. I hope they will settle and get back soon. Who is your team?