Cheapeset Place for Pantone

Hi I’d like to nkow the cheapest place to get Pantone Plastics Chip Guides as well as Printed paper guides. Anyone kow a place they can recommend?

?? cheapest??? How much do you expect to be cheaper?? $1, $2 ?


I work down the street from Pantone’s HQ and use to buy individual plastic chips by walking through the front door. It was no cheaper than going to an art supply store, but it was fast and easy.

Pantone is like Apple or Sony. They keep a tight lid on the retail prices so someone doesn’t set up a web site selling cheap Pantone books or chips and puts everyone else out of business. It’s a clever business model, but requires constant policing. It also helps to have a near monopoly on color specifying materials.

Good luck finding cheap Pantone products. Let us know if you find a place!!