“We just need to be sure that students are not exploited…” she said."


TOTAL exploitation, if they aren’t compensated or given “$1000 lump sums.”

Well I guess it’s ok if they get credit. LOL for the good of the design students world… I seriously do care about the gap between schools and the profession. care about it more than the annual net profits, my family’s well being, and the world.

Customers complaining about Chinese and Indian outsourcing, try design students!!! their poor, starving, and already speak the language!!!

Yeahhhhhhh ride the wave into the new FU economy!

Students make lousy interns and even worse employees. They take up valuable time and resources because they lack experience. They basically need to be baby sat the whole time. They are also getting more and more cocky (I blame rashid and his kind for this). When it comes right down to it they dont know what they dont know and that is a LOT!

To next student that comes to work here, I will ride you like I am a mongolian camel jokey, yehaaaaaaa, giddy up!

UC is negotiating to receive royalties from the furniture line. Chasser said UC students are not paid but do get their names on patents.

After a few of these they wind up learning they don’t mean shit if they don’t make you money.


Student atheletes don’t get compensated for TV revenue so why should design students?

Yeah they do, the schools are just really good at hiding the money trail and working through third parties to move it. There have been lots of documented cases of this from schools that got carried away and let things slip out.

Go to any Big 12 school and drive past the dorms where the basketball and football players live, do you think those $40,000 SUV’s just magically appeared out of no where.