cheap schools/other questions

I’m trying to find some schools that aren’t 25k + living a year. Any thoughts?

  1. Carleton: seems to be relatively cheap. What’s its reputation outside of Canada, and any thoughts on Ottawa? Seems a bit drab.

  2. Uni. of Cincinnati: How’s the CO-OP cost work? Do you pay tuition for the entire 5 years, or do you only pay 3.5 years of tuition?

  3. What specific skills will I acquire with an ID degree? Model-making, design, sketching, etc? Looking for tangible reasons to get an ID degree over a normal one when I’m not sure I want to go into the ID industry.

Go to AAU :smiley:

Virginia Tech is a great value. Tution is around 20k for out of state and the overall cost of living is very very low. When I was there I was living in a 2000 sq foot apartment (with 4 other people) and I was paying $275 a month in rent. And that was in one of the most expensive complexes in town!

Carelton is a very good school as well that has a good reputation all over.

What skills will you aquire as a designer?

The most important one is the ability to find a problem and solve that problem.

You’ll also learn to stay up till 5am, draw, use CAD, build models, do user research, build user interfaces, become a grahic designer, understand materials and processes, work with outside disciplines, work with a team, identify product and market needs, win competitions, get drunk, etc.

I will also say that if you are not sure you want to do ID then by going to a large university (Rather then a targeted design school) you have the ability to easily transfer into architecutre, business, engineering, or any other curriculum.

Yes, you only pay for quarters that you are taking classes. During internship quarters you only have to pay a small registration fee, to ensure that you are still considered an active student.

Were the coops unpaid? Or would they cover your room and board but thats it?

i’m at my first co-op and mine will cover room board living expense and should cover tuition for the next quarter, basically i’m gonna end up with nothing after college except 1.5 years of experience, but no debt from loans lol

I should of added onto that by saying i’m paying in state tuition so it’s much cheaper to cover tuition