Cheap online printing houses for Business Cards?

I’m in charge of graphic design for my company, and I need to find a cheap printing house to do business cards. Can you guys suggest any good ones? We have to match existing cards design wise, so I can’t use the generic template style ones that have their own fonts and formating templates. Thanks.

I’ve had some great results with them. good price, fast turnaround, and options like lamination and rounded corners, and both sides. Just upload your artwork and submit :slight_smile:

Good luck

You can get a sample kit sent to you, which outlines the finishes and even includes a range of CMYK colors printed (so you can see the actual results).

I’ve used the aforementioned sites and they both provided excellent results.

Thanks guys, I’ve heard of 4by6 for postcards, wasn’t familiar with their businesscard program though. I’ll check these out tomorrow. :mrgreen:

I just used The site says they only take 300dpi artwork, but it will actually take (and print) around 850dpi. Results were good, fast, and super cheap.

One tip (which might be obvious to you): if you are uploading raster files, turn off antialiasing before you create them. The 4 color process doesn’t seem to handle it very well, and I got some very, very fine color artifacts around the edges of black text. Presumably it was trying to create the very small grey areas by building up 3 colors. This tip may not apply if you are submitting 300dpi work- the machine might be able to handle that better, and the aliasing would be very apparant at that resolution.