cheap CAD

Hey I am working for a DARPA contractor, currently I’m working on a MENTOR project. I need to look at just about every cheap or free 3d CAD program (that would be cheap or free for high schools). DARPA has some deal with ProE and I’d like to use that or more so Solidworks. I need to know from anybody (hey educators!) about anything that might also fit the bill that isn’t an obvious route to explore (i.e. Rhino, Alias, sketch-up even)?


Are you looking for something that has educational licensing? Or something that is completely free/open source?

Autodesk has a bunch of free educational licensing options that I believe cover Inventor and Studiotools. Solidworks has an educational license that is cheap but not free. Rhino has educational licensing packs which do up to 30 PC’s on a network or in a classroom. Then you have free tools like Blender, etc.

Just depends on the specific terms you’re looking for - theres a lot of packages out there but each one has it’s own licensing stipulations.

123d from autodesk maybe? It’s free and has loooots of features, but not everything…

I’ll play with 123d today and see how it feels.

Thanks for in the input cyberdemon, openscource would be nice, but I’ve made the argument to my higher up’s that it’s worth paying for good software. Just some of the schools are poor and per/school budgets and all that factor in.