cheap, but good ID program

I know i’ll probably catch a lot of flack for asking this, but what’s a decent cheap program for ID? Is there any in the US? Or are they all more abroad where it seems the education is a bit subsidized? (Canada/Europe)

Reason I ask is… it seems the consensus is it’s not the school, it’s the student so what pay close to 200k for undergrad, if I could go elsewhere and pay 40k, work my ass off ask a lot of questions and come out just as strong if not stronger.

So… Any cheap programs here in the US?

it seems the consensus is it’s not the school, it’s the student so what pay close to 200k for undergrad, if I could go elsewhere and pay 40k, work my ass off ask a lot of questions and come out just as strong if not stronger.

I do not believe this is true.
Yes, a students has to work hard and will not get a good job just on where he/she went to school alone.
But there are also other factors. Everything has to come from somewhere. If the rest of the student body or the faculty/facilities is lacking, you will have a very hard time to get any answers to the questions you intend to ask.
The moral of a school, just like a sportsteam, is very important.

Another aspect that was very important for me was the location of the school. I could not see myself getting inspired in a rural area so I studied in New York City (and swallowed the expenses that come with it). Still the best career decision I ever made.

If you just can’t or won’t muscle the tuition stateside, you could consider Europe. There are many English speaking programs. Most of them Grad though.
I will be starting my ID Grad program at Konstfack in Stockholm/Sweden in a few days. It is an English speaking program and it it is tuition free for everybody. Swedish, international, doesn’t matter.

Try a state school like VA Tech, NC State, Purdue or Kansas. Live there for a year and your tuition is much cheaper as an in-state resident.

Look at Cleveland Institute of Art or Columbus College of Art and Design. Also, I think Pacific North West College of Art just started an ID program.

I applied for schools this year-
some of the cheaper schools I was accepted were:
RIT and Virginia Tech- RIT is a private school, but isn’t too expensive, and virginia tech has cheap out of state tuition, and even cheaper in state.

If you live in ohio- your best choice is university of cincinnati- insanely cheap for in state, and a good education (then again, I am biased- that is where I will be attending next year). Out of state tuition still isn’t as bad as other schools as well.

In-state is definitely a great way to save money, assuming its not a private university, so i would recommend you start there.

Another way is to go a couple years at a “design-only school” then transfer out. I did not do this to save money, its just how my college career happened to work out, but i ended up finishing at a “cheaper” school, and i know that the foundation/basics of my design education were much better after 2 years at ‘expensive school’ than they would have been, when i started working with the students who learned basics at ‘cheap school’ this was apparent. But the last 2 years were really a matter of how hard the student was willing to work and learn more. It really only takes a couple good faculty and a couple good motivated buddies to pair up with to get the most out of your education, and most places will have that.

Lastly… community college! so many students i went to school with didn’t take any cc classes. Unless your parents are paying for your college (heck even if they are) this is an amazing way to save money. Take your liberal arts/science/math classes there, i saved probably $5-8,000 by taking about 30 credits at CC, and trust me for those type of classes you are not getting any ‘lesser’ of an education. If you take those at a big university you end up being taught by a student teacher anyways.

I can’t say I’d recommend MSCD. After 2 years, I was pretty unimpressed.

I actually went to Metropolitan State Collage of Denver to for a while. It is a very good deal. I finished school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. A good deal to for the staff and the area that you get access to but for overall cost and benefits Metro is really one of the best deals out there. I liked Academy of Art University the staff is generally very high quality as you would expect for the area that it is in. You also get the add benefits of being in San Francisco competing and learning about the design world in a very direct sense. It is hard place to get a foot in the door that is why Colorado has a little edge. There is a fair bit of design in Denver but people tend to be more friendly so it is a little easier to get in and talk with people who might hire you. If you are looking for a good deal Metro is excellent. If you are looking for a good school at a good price that has a very competitive program with other top schools in the country I would check out Academy of Art University.

I’ll second nate and singletrack, working class guy or not.
Metro definitely has an up and coming ID program, like stated before the faculty are excellent and so are the facilities.

IDSA western conference will be held here in Denver in 2010, we’ll see you there.

University of Cincinnati has a strong program and once you establish residency its very affordable. Plus the cost of living in Cincinnati is next to nothing compared to NYC, SF etc.