Chaos&Creation. Incase you missed it.

LBJ 3.4 whateva…Very rush-rush. Never did enter it.

Nike aAir Max 1. My best running shoe to date.

Something done recently. Nike O2. Inspired by oldschool/nu. Nike air (hint to the sole of the shoe and the name).

The Pre shoe…okay maybe my best runner instead.

The widow shoe, very recent, like last month.

Hopefully you see the pictures are better than usual.

Do you mean “window shoe”? Or is it really for widows…

Widow. Some styling cues were taken from the black widow.

no1 huh?

at first glance, I am seeing that you are doing less concepts an that you are jumping into a final rendering. I think maybe further develop an sketch out your ideas. in doing this work on the tooling more. The soles I think is apart of your designs that I think could be thought of more. You seem to pay alot of attention to the uppers an not as much on the outsoles.

I think if you were to develop the outsoles like you have the uppers I think the finals would look more complete.

good starts on all the projects you have posted. I think you can def. take it to the next level.