Hey ppl,

I am studying Industrial design at the moment but have decided to change and study business.
Anybody here know what is a good business degree to study?


This is a joke right? You make a decision but don’t know what you decided on?

I have decided to change degrees, at the moment I am thinking of Management Information Systems anybody have any thoughts on that?


maybe you should ask that question on a business major forum site.

You have no business being on Core. ba dum chhhh!

thank you and good night!

err…i thought this forum was meant to be for help…
guess not…
hrmm what i read from the forum most designers are like…how should i put it…like totally up themselves…think they’re good…but are totally loosers…
anyway you’s know any good business forums?


would you show up at a medical profession forum to ask about farming?

…or an engineering form to ask about carpet laying?

yes, some of us can be jerks, but you set yourself up for this rant.

let me see…
i went to this forum because i am currently studying Industrial Design…
thats why i am here…damn…you’s guys seem to be so stupid…and thats correct…first time i seen someone in this forum say something correct…you’s are jerks…
so anyone here know any good business forums? im thinking of doing IT now…maybe Arts now…anyone know any good forums?


Jimbo is right. He has the right to ask any question he wants. If you don’t like it, just don’t reply. If after a few days he still has 0 replies, I guess he will have figured out it’s the wrong forum. But what’s the sens of bitching like this? Don’t be so defensive about “design” and hostile on anybody who decides to “sleep with the enemy”. Grow up…