Changing Username

Is it possible?

Yes, apparently contact Yo! He does want your soul in exchange, but it’s not all that bad.

I’m wondering how to do the same. I want to keep my original email and simply change my user name on here to my full name. Help? Thanks!

Generally we discourage changing user names… I picked Yo on a whim when registration turned on, not giving it much thought. Even though I think sometimes I should change it, it would ruin the continuity, and has become a persona of its own to a degree.

If you really [[ REALLY ]] think it is important for me to go into your profile and change it, contact me directly. The only one I agreed to change was someone who had a reference to drugs in their username, it was a poor student choice, and as he became a senior, it was obviously time to change it.

Wow. No worries. Thanks for responding.

You could start over with a new email… of course none of your conversations or posts would follow you.