Changing the world, democracy and complacency

Everyone this has nothing to do with design. It is about our country. I am hoping I can get as many of my fellow designers to watch, “Bush’s War” by Frontline. It can be found at FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site | Documentary Series. click videos and watch it on the web.
After you watch it I am hoping you will join me in writing your congress, senate and the whitehouse. You can get email by simply googling your state government.
I know many designers are quite liberal thus I am probably speaking to the choir but as I read the blogs, see the web entry’s and see what people talk about it really worries me. It worries me that this country is so complacent about our government and the perversion of information. It worries me that we are so comfortable and insular that we don’t take action regarding government and shaping our society.
We all talk about changing the world, shaping experiences and making peoples lives better. I am hoping we can change our government.
I have never felt more passionate about getting people to watch a documentary. I hope you watch it and then email everyone you know with the link the video. btw I am pretty moderate. I don’t really like radical liberals or conservative types. But this isn’t about liberal or conservative. It is about the future of our country and participating in an open democracy.



have you seen America: “Freedom to Facism”?