change of careers

What do you think of a Industrial Designer (practicing for nearly 2 years) pursuing a career in Mechanical or Biomedical engineering?

…form follows function does it not?..truth is this is an area which has always interested me as well but i never had the opportunity…follow your bliss…


I’m thinking of a BA in Mechanical Engineering. What I hope to do is product design. I might be going about this the wrong way. It might make more sense to go back to school for I.D. but, I really can’t afford it and have not hard experience to test potential or talent in this area. I live in the vacinity of an excellent design school, RISD, but, I don’t have the developed talent or money to go there. I’m also living near an excellent state school for engineering, URI, that would be more affordable to me so these are some of the factors driving my decision. Do they make sense?

It’s possible and could open some doors for a company that is too cheap to get a new designer and a new engineer. It will also give you more technical knowledge and the ability to do more on your own should you choose to do so.

The downside is that you are probably going to need a truckload of math and physics classes, depending on how good you are at those subjects it could be a challenge. Also engineering is facing many of the same job losses that ID is facing so check out your options and opportunities before diving in.

how true … and pathetic

although you’d pay out of state tuition, you might consider UC. They have a BioMedical Engineering program that does collaborative studios with ID and Buisness. The co-op’s would offset some of the expense and provide you with experience/connections to industry.