This is my first post.
And this chair design is a concept design!
Give me some suggest!

I don’t really know what to “suggest”.
It is a highly stylized product so personal preference is really the only deciding factor. As far as I can see, it is produceable but it would be quite expensive.

Looks kinda Marc Newson-ish.

Agree with Bepster in that it looks Newsom inspired.

The form looks like it has been highly informed by the modeling software rather than the designer, basically designed by laying down a few curves and letting the software works it’s magic with blends etc rather than designing it first and building it to spec and building all the transitions and blends.

It could use some more overall refinement and some particular attention in the way the foot and seat back terminate and sides are treated. The way the back foot meets the groundplane in that elliptical section will not offer a lot of stability, which COULD be okay, particularly as the front foot has a fairly wide stance, but I would still really consider this and try to build a functional model (doesn’t have to look like it, but should represent the stance and seat/back angle) to try to prove it out.

I am curious as to what your purpose is with this chair. Is this meant for mass production? Or does this fall into the Studio Furniture category where very few would be produced?

If this is just meant for art you need to refine it some more and call it good. If it is meant for mass production then you have a lot to work out.

I am going to assume you would like to mass produce these. In this case, you really need to work on the front of the chair. The way it works right now, once you sit in the chair you will have a hard time getting out of it. Since the front of the chair slopes forward you are unable to get your feet underneath you to help you stand up.

The red rendering it looks like you have baby t-rex arms that are unusable. This is something that is easy to mess up. Also, the seat looks too narrow in the center to be comfortable to sit in.

It would be helpful if you could show a section through the center with basic dimensions. That would give a better idea of if you even have the proportions correct.

Overall I think this is a nice start, you just need to work on it some more.

One designer you should check out is Brodie Neill. He does a lot of this style of work and would be a good reference for you.

Brodie Neill - Reverb

You can also look at a piece I have done. It’s similar in the organic fiberglass way. I am just about finished with mine, I am at the painting stage right now.

Whatever you do, you just have to make sure you get the basic dimensions and angles for your seat first. After that you can build off of it and go wild.

Ross McCoy - (b)ONE

I made some change!

As it has been said before, it’s all a question of styling. It depends how much importance you give to each criteria for a chair design, whether you want more comfort than aesthetic, ecologic, space consumption factors.

Reevaluate these factors and try to locate where your chair sits (no really!). That way you can choose a direction to improve your chair.

If you want my personal opinion, I’m not a big fan of the shape. It doesn’t looked refined enough for my taste, gives me the impression of a design that was well drawn and lost it’s elegance when the process of 3D Modeling and technical/feasibility debugging ended. Correct me if I’m wrong.


The chair looks unrealistic which is fine, but I agree with an above poster that the image appears to be driven mostly by software. Something that I like to do is create the 3d model if that is the way you prefer to start out, and then sketch some overlays on that. Just pencil in the spots that you really like which are made by the computer, and then try to make the rest by hand. See if that works. GL

welcome. build a prototype.

I agree with above posters. Metaphorically, the car is driving you and not vice versa. Personally I’m missing the focal point of the concept, but that’s also a matter of personal taste. I like where you are going though.
One thing to think about is if there’s a way to make it stackable. For instance, can you reverse the taper of the rear leg somehow without compromising stability?