Chain Drawing Conversations

So, do we get uppity at the fact that Chevisw spelled Gnat incorrectly? :confused:

What spelling mistake? this was a very small portrait of a Scottish National Part

Nat [næt]
n Informal

  1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a member or supporter of the Scottish National Party
  2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) NZ a member of the National Party
  3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) NZ a Member of Parliament for the National Party


I’m sure he’s aware of his spelling mistake

Well played :wink:

Im quite proud of myself considering it is a Monday.

Designers tend to be creative spellers

I feel like we need a LIKE button for the chain drawing thread!


Do you have a stockpile of awesome sketches just sitting around waiting? Or are you cranking those beauties out for each example? Really awesome stuff.

I broke the chain,

it needed to be fixed,


Ok…We’re all F-ed up in the chain thread. Who wants to fix it?


Nice E-Type
Be careful chain is very fragile today :smiley:

@dk: ahhhh the Armory…


First off, thank you very much. I appreciate that. It’s kind of both, really. About 50-75% of them are from my sketchbook, doodles really. The stuff I do in between work related sketches. The remainder are from me being home on disability from knee surgery.

I suggest the chain just “reboots” whenever it breaks: back to A. It doesn’t really matter I guess, but the OCD-er in me likes to have a system :wink: It could of course be free to choose for whomever posts first after the break to, which is the way I believe it works now?

Other than I must add that this chain thing is a great thing: you have time constraints, you have something that limits the task (a letter) and you have creativity in finding something to draw that fits the letter.

Kick it back off Jada. Throw in an “A” sketch… it feels horrible to screw it up… twice… :frowning:

@Nurb - hello again sir!
The armory got a decent overhaul since industrial design moved in 3 years ago. If you’re able, come to Ames between April 22-27th to view the INDD Senior Showcase! It’s in 203 Downtown Ames.

I’m very happy this thread exists.

@umlautthoni, your Dieter sketch is terrific!

Awesome Admiral Akbar!

Thanks Chris! I showed it to my girlfriend and her friend over dinner and they were… less than impressed. Repeating “IT’S A TRAP” did not help explain.

@GEBS: The YMCA entry was a true gem! Well done, Sir.