Cg INDIA Invites YOU !!*****

Dear Friends,

We are Glad announce the launch of our Cg India , the new online News, Reviews and articles for the creative computer graphics, designers, animators and architectural community! The mission of the Cg India is to provide the best News and Resource portal for creative computer graphic artists, architects, Designers, 3d visualizers and CG community. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding many, many more Features to the website. So help us build the Best portal by forwarding the links and spreading word around in your friend circle. :smiley:


Have a nice day!

Very nice news blog| How did you modified the blog template ?
anywayz i liked it alot!

BuZZ :laughing:

:arrow_right: Good stuff dude…Best of luck for your News blog!
Happy day all.

GoodLuck Hommiee ,like 2 see more like this one . :smiling_imp:

Best of luck from my side too. Looking forward for New addition’s like competition,forum and link section soon.G8 to Read about the indian animation companies…Keep it coming .G8 Work

Best of Luck !

Nice stuff…but has to be more news on site. goodluck

Good Work!
Looking forward for more indian website like this 1 .G8

I guess it is a looooooong website, too long to scroll

Please include more sections’ devisions to facilitate the visitor to choose what sections he wants to follow and subsequently what news and information he wants to absorb. This could be a platform for individual growth of different diverse sections.

The thought, concept and idea of the website is really good.

:arrow_right: well i agree with reactor…less is more…but surly its a nice idea and also very resourcfull.
Keep it up ! :wink:

ITs ROCKS. Liked the idea of filtered news.Good for people like me ,who wont have so much of time to surf internet.GoodLuck


:smiley: Nice to see some1 is doing great work in providing filtered online content…Keep up the good work …My best wishz


:arrow_right: Nice Stuff.

:arrow_right: Aap ki website dekh ke humee bahut aanaand aaya , kaafi aachi suchnaye,patri av nibhand hein…humari aapko shubkamnaye… :smiling_imp: :smiley:

Watt da crap you are talking about Tantra ??? :imp:

Nice idea :bulb: of runing news on blogs …will start one myself :slight_smile:
goodluck 2 u

Too many topic to cover …you losing focus or not ???
however Goodluck from me! :blush:

do u want to join me in in launcing CORE77.IN

:laughing: Nice…there are other blogs too based on topics.

design Grid
design sponge :slight_smile:

:arrow_right: How can i syndicate your website ?
DO you any easy way of puting your website News head line n articles on my webpage …please advice! :slight_smile:

truthfully speaking, nice and well formated website with lot of good content . but not many atricles for designer, why? …or you are only covering usage of design softwares.
Anyways…good luck 2 u!