CES 2023 new product announcements

A little placeholder thread for CES 2023 news, discussions, debates…

First up, Sony and Honda announce a new EV co-brand called Afeela… I’m not sure Afeel-like that’s a good name but could be worse I suppose :joy:

The design looks like slight refinement of the Sony car that has been shown at CES for the past few years. I liked it then, I like it now, though many others are moving in the same direction aesthetically.

I’m really psyched about this one. Schneider announced a smart home electrical grid that includes a circuit box (when was the last time those were designed), EV charger, battery back up, and solar panel inverter. Because the circuit breaker box is connected, in an app you can name each circuit so you can see how much electricity individual circuits/devices are using and you can toggle circuits from the app!

Some of you know I’ve been on a home electrification quest, I got an Enphase solar system that has some of this integration 9solar inverter, battery backup), but the circuit panel was the missing element.

LG unveiled a new flagship fridge with backlit OLED door panels where you can change colors via an app. Neat idea.

BMW iVission DEE…. Yah all the panels and wheels are color changing e Ink… most importantly to me, it looks like a BMW! Love the exterior design. Short front overhang, 4 headlights, defined Hofmeister kink, shark nose, neue klasse vibes… sign me up. I dig it.


@FoundryCollaborative @jamesowendesign thoughts?

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In what way does this look BMW - it looks amateurish and unfinished.

A little more on the Sony/Honda joint venture:

Yep! I love it. I don’t necessarily need the color-changing paint or Dee assistant. But give us more Shark nose!

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Afeela is the Amazon Basics of EVs.


:rofl: I’ll never get that out of my head now.

Yah, squinting through the CES window dressing of digital paint and what not, could be something fun here.

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Thanks for this thread. I find myself exercising long rusty mental muscles

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There are presently some smart circuit breakers you can get that are programmable. I got a quote for a back up home generator recently, and the electrician said that there’s ways of prioritizing what elements are possible to power based on the available generation. Like, I can power the whole panel, but only run an electric oven, lights, and AC, and not the fridge for example. App controlled stuff, too. Granted it’s not the entire panel that’s redesigned, but it’s something that’s out there today. This does seem like a nice evolution, though.

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Reminds me of the inside of my local Holiday Gas Station stores (and apparently some Walgreens according to this image link)… no thanks.

BMW: welcome, back to the (our) future!

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A friend (@chriscunninghamdesig) sent me this from the show, Kohler display.

More from @chriscunninghamdesig on the show floor… the new US mail truck :face_with_head_bandage:

and from my friend David Lewin

Hats off to the development team at LG for pulling this edge treatment off!

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Bosch brought the Dad joke vibes…

:camera_flash: @chriscunninghamdesig

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