CES 2022: CyberPowerPC’s breathing PC case.

I don’t want to love this, but I kind of do :slight_smile: … it’s not for me but I can see someone really loving this.

I just imagine that getting broken in 6 months. I dig it though!

I wouldn’t want to clean the dust out of it! But still, I could see a young gamer totally being into it.

It’s neat, but the video makes it look like just a poorly painted appearance model? The closeups of those parts seemed like they were chipboard that was spraypainted in the basement.

I also just don’t get how it would do anything that intelligently when most motherboards only can detect 1 or 2 temperatures. Seems like they just programmed their own logic to make it do some fun moves, but it would be interesting to see how that impacts noise, the airflow over all those small gaps seems like it’d be great for making high-pitched whistling noises.