CES 2020

Anyone going?

Yessir! I’ll be at the Keyshot party on Thursday as well. :slight_smile:

Oh cool, do you have the details on that? That is usually a great time.


cool, thank you!


Article in the Washington Post:

“ CES 2020 preview: Surveillance, sex toys and futuristic gadgets”

Sony is showing a car, Toyota is building a city… must be time for CES :slight_smile:

And Ivanka.

What are the top trends in this year CES?

According to the Washington Post there are three main trends:

1 Fake meat
2 Fake people
3 Fake privacy


Did you see the Mercedes concept car somehow inspired by Avatar that looks like every student concept car ever?


I wonder if 15-year old me would be as jazzed by that MB concept as the real 15-year old me was, except by the Giugiaro Nazca or anything Bertone.

Probably not.

I’m not really sure what a 10 year old Sci Fi movie filled with military machinery and blue alines riding flying seahorses has to do with people’s preferences for cars but I appreciate that it doesn’t look like a Michael Bay Transformer at least… and it actually rolls:

Concept BMW interior… apparently they couldn’t get voice over?

I can’t believe this is corporate work. It feels like a student presentation, but with worse graphics:

I like the soft design, but the bodywork goes under the wheels?

Sony Model 3

Love the size and proportions but the design… I would have rather just seen an a2

so this is a real thing:

straight out of movies like Her and BladeRunner 2049

another companion robot:

and don’t forget flying Ubers