CES 2016

Would love to meet up with fellow designers at CES. Any ideas for a meetup for the evening of Jan 6th?

Hey Paul!

Keyshot is hosting their annual designer happy hour. 8pm on Thirsday at the Ainsworth in the Hard Rock.

Im here all week, Monday through Saturday.

(work safe Las Vegas cliche, unsafe cliches removed.)

“Honey, I am terribly sorry, but I got work to do in Vegas for the next week.”

No wonder several car companies booked CES instead of NAIAS.


Or did I read your last sentence wrong, somehow? :unamused:

Don’t forget the designer happy hour on Thursday.

CNet Beck concert was amazing tonight. I’ve seen him a few times but I’ve never gotten this close. Is say a good day at work.

CES was a blast! Soooo many drones, VR headsets and bluetooth speakers. Biggest CES show to-date. In case you’re interested, TEAMS posted a designers’-eye view on the show here: http://goo.gl/SZ2iTh

Congrats Mike on a great booth and awesome products!! I couldn’t make it to the Thursday party, but I hope to catch up with you sometime soon.

Thanks Paul. It was a good show. Thursday get together… I’m still recovering. Went to 4am… I’m getting too old for that.