Cerevellum. Bike computer module and digital mirror


Been working on this since college!! Finally finished with it.

That’s an outstanding product that addresses many needs in today’s cycling enthusiast. My first question after seeing the Hindsight camera was, “what about mountain bikes” only to read on and see that you can mount the camera anywhere. My assumption is that its wired though, correct?

And your heartrate function seems to be linked w/ Polar? Is that actually the case? or is that just a filler?

My only concern about the USB style plugs on the underside would be corrosion from rain, salt or snow.

But this is a really exciting product! I look forward to seeing the production version. I’d assume about 500-600 range for price?

this looks like a really neat tool. i would definitely consider getting one… well that’s if i didn’t live in nyc and get my bike stolen every other season… :confused:


The link to Polar and Powertap (Cyclops) are just fillers attempting to illustrate how third-party programmers can create modules to work with the Cerevellum head-unit.

The HindSight camera lens is wired, but when the bar-end plug is used, the cable can be hidden underneath the handlebar tape. The cable for the seatpost attached lens would be exposed and most likely routed along the top-tube. It would be perfect for recumbents and hybrids.

The unit would be sealed similar to how other bike systems are. Lots of o-rings!!

Yes, the price for the head-unit alone would be between $300-400, and modules would start around $40 for simply cyclometer functions. Best part about the product is that its completely expandable and will work with future products like electronic shifting from Shimano and Campagnolog.