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Hi everyone!

We are Cerebrum Design, a “one-stop solution” for all of your design needs. Our award winning designs are the result of an experienced, diversely skilled, multinational team of designers and creators. We have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world to create progressive designs that compete in the marketplace. Through our diverse portfolio, we have gained a strong ability to see many successful aspects in numerous fields and industries, giving us a keen eye that “specializes in design”. Our services include product design, corporate identity design, graphic design, packaging design, exhibition design, web design, sound design, and digital photography. We invite you to view our website at www.studiocerebrum.com,

Please feel free to drop us email, if you have any question or want to work with us.

Best regards
Cerebrum Design Team :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall I really like the site. There is a consistent theme. It was a little hard to use the little icons for the different projects and the up down arrows as well. Also, the text on the right hand side where all the information is was hard to read. Not enough contrast there.

The products in your portfolio are really slick. What software are you using to render up those images?

that is a badass website. Your work is varied too, and your style is cool. I thought that you were a UK firm until I saw the contact. Most excellent work

The site is great! I don’t know if it’s my computer or the site but it takes a while to load. There is a problem with the text on the tiny pages in the center screen in the bottom right hand corner, they were behind that layer while loading. Maybe they are like that when loading? I am still learning flash. Overall excellent work!

We used Rhino software for 3d Modeling, and 3D max for rendering, right now we are changing our Corperate identities. Will update soon within end of NOV, Please stay with us. Thank for all comprements…

Cerebrum Team