ceramic injection molding

Like the subject says, I’m interested in making a ceramic part for injection molding. Should I design the part as if it were plastic, or are there any special considerations to keep in mind when working with ceramic? I know seeing the part would help here, but are there any processes, like some type of casting, that are more widely used for ceramic? This is my first time working with the material.

Thanks for any advice

one of the most commonly used mass-producing process in ceramics is slip casting, look into that if you haven’t.

the general rule is that slip/clay shrinks after drying and firing, and unless you have decent equipment it’s tough to recreate the exact same conditions every time, so the measurements of your parts will be somewhat inconsistent.


great link Lmo

this is for melovescookies and anyone else, do you have any experience with North American (preferrably Canada) slip casting services? I’m working on a project that is a very simple design and the problem I have found thus far is that the only porcelin slip casting services I have come across are overseas, and they wont mess with an order of my size (100 pieces or so). Has anyone worked with anyone in the industry that might be suited for this?

First of all what do you want to make, does the piece have walls or is it solid, what is the size of the piece. How durable do the piece have to be? These things strongly determine what you are looking for. If you provide more information we can give better advise.
The answer to your first question is no you do not design it like plastic because the pieces shrink as they dry and the higher the temporature you fire the ceramic to the more it shrinks, the standard clay body shrinks about 15% thats alot. If you choose slip casting as your production process it could shrink more. So the first thing you usually do is know the claybody you are using and calculate for shrinkage, the prototype has to be tweeked to fit the material.

If you are producing something for the tabletop, giftware or pottery area try
http://www.ceramicdesigngroup.net I think they handle smaller product projects but I don’t think many people handle numbers as low as a hundred, in ceramics 80% yeild is very good so bigger numbers are better.
check out http://www.modusdesign.com I know Marek Cecula use the ceramicdesigngroup at one time, he does mass produced pieces and is an awesome artist

good luck!


i had not seen your reply until just now, thanks a great deal. i am going to be in touch with ceramicdesigngroup. thanks again.