Ceramic Gas Logs are crap

What the hell are we thinking if immitating a log is the best way to keep the [size=18]tradition[/size] of a real fire Alive ???

[color=red]I would rather pull every hair out of my ball sac one by one before I curled up in front of a Real Fyre…[/color]
:shock: [/i][/b]

Whatever floats your boat.

C’mon Bearcat… give us an opinion… it’s what we’re paid for.

These things really don’t bother me that much. Some of the nicer setups I’ve seen come pretty close to “looking” like a real fire. Granted, there’s no authentic smell, or crackling of real burning wood. But, the convenience of gas logs far outweighs the hassle of real wood, IMO. Isn’t that part of what ID is about…trying to make lives easier?

I think it could be made more realistic, but honestly there is no substitute for a real wood fireplace. The smell probably can’t be replicated easily, but the crackling could be imitated by pushing the gas through a device similar to a musical instrument that has openings. Ever notice the popping sound you can get from an Oxy-Acetylene torch?

i live in a county in california that is seriously considering banning woodburning fireplaces because of the amount of smoke (aka: air pollution) that is generated by them. a natural gas fire log is an believable alternative and less produces less particulates.

most of the heat generated in a fireplace (not stove) goes up the chimney anyway so it’s not economical as a heat source, but then neither is a wood burning fireplace. it was the available technology at the time… now (for the most part) a fireplacs is an interior design element. so, if you’re cold turn up the thermostat on the wall.

as for myself, i’m partial to the rotating colored-light behind the air-driven celophane streamers unit myself … if they even make them anymore.

Yeah, I wonder in the future how much importance will be placed on the Aesthetics verses the heating requirements of the fire.

So the heat from lighting the fire in the living room could be ducted also to the bedroom. Maybe the fire could heat stones or some kind of portable devise that could be taken to another room. The heat and convienience is there and I don’t care about sitting in front of the fire watching the flame do the same thing.

I reckon forget about making it look like a real fire… there is a friggin Gas fire that has an inbuilt DVD that plays the image of a fire and has accompanying sound ! How fucking cheesy is that !

As for the romance factor, there are plenty of other ways to get laid.


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