central st. martins, parsons, ...


i have some questions concerning some universities.

  • the central st. martins is known for his good fashion program, is the product design program also good?

  • which school is better for product design: parsons, rhode island or art center or are there no huge differences in the quality?

    thank you.

on the second question, there are huge differences in the philosophies and educational models of each of those schools, the quality is difficult to compare.

Art Center is very rigorous and traditional. You will learn how to draw. You will learn about form. You will learn about light, shadow, color, composition. You will learn how to make great models. And you will learn about bahaus. They give you the skills that are the equal the design equivalent of a springboard. It is up to you to take it from there.

RISD is much more open. Fewer required classes, with more required credits. It focuses more on the conceptual side of design, and the traditional craft of making things, but doesn’t really show you how to connect the two together with design skills. Put another way, they teach you how to dive, but don’t give you the spring board to get a good score at the olympics. I went to RISD, and found I had to take a symester at a school like Art Center (but cheaper) to get my skills up to par. In my opinion, with a $100k pricetag, that should not be the case.

Parsons I don’t know anything about first hand. All I have is a collection of thrird party rumors that it is not very good. Bu I really don’t know.