Central St. Martin, university of fine arts, London

What are your opinions about The Master in Industrial program At Central St. Martin. CSM has been ranked as one of the top D-schools.


It looks as if the business week list includes all schools with a master’s program.

Central St Martins is definitely a good school.
But if you want to be in London, Royal College of Art is definitely the most prestigious for Masters design program.

I’m not overly sure about how ‘good’ the course is to be honest. The facilities aren’t great at CSM either. As stated before, RCA all the way… if you get in that is.

Go and see CSM though, just in case there is something that interests you.

I’ve just graduated from the BA in Product design there and to be honest I think (and have been told) our work in BA was better than the work from the MA course.

Thanx for the info… recently attended an interview with csm. They did not agree that to the fact that architects pursue industrial/product design. when their own website says that they do take architects in to the program. he offered an Mdes program instead.