central saint martins - MA industrial design

i’ve been accepted to the MA industrial design program at central saint martins in london. anyone been through this program to offer any advice/comments? what is their teaching style like? are the facilities good? what are grads doing now professionally?

i live in nyc and am not sure if i have time to visit london before making my decision - i have been to london before and think this would be an amazing opportunity to live there; however, i haven’t heard too much about this particular program and don’t want to make any decisions before i’ve given it a lot of thought. i’ve also applied to some programs in the usa but am still waiting to hear back (pratt, risd, art center, iit).

I am not doing the course presently but I am considering doing it. I visited the college and meet the head honcho for the same course as your interested in. I dont at present have a folio so I am getting one together for next year. I have nothing against the college but here Is what I have learned about it.
A fellow irishman working in the design industry recommended it to me, I am graduate mech engineer and I want to get into prod. or i. design. I would seem to have a good rep as quiet a few international students were there also.
About 3000 people applie for 20 places .
They Have close links with the idustry and the college is ideally located for design with muesems and librarys galore nearby.
The head honcho… I applied to attend a taster session on the day of the open day , but it was cancelled and had flown over specially but no one let me know that it was cancelled. They had conact details and all very un professional or maybe thats designers for you.
I had a chat with one Product design student doing the MA in Industrail design course , seemed pretty happy about it.
Thing about London though it is extremly expensive…
Look give us a buss I have been there twice …

Tips for potential ex-pats:

I recently completed my Master’s in Holland. It’s a life changing experience studying overseas but you’ll need to get stuff together- like:

  1. work on housing now. Unless the school has it, it will take a lot of effort over the phone.

  2. same goes for visa/ resident permit/ etc.

Don’t know how england works, but in Holland you couldn’t get a residence permit until you sign a lease. You couldn’t sign lease without a residence permit. It was maddening and took a month to get my apt.

  1. They use different stuff (pens, paper, etc.) than we do. May sound stupid, but you will be relearning a lot of things. (Like painting a wall.)

  2. wads of money. You will burn right through it. (But you live in NY and know all about that)

I’d suggest spending some money and visit. You will get 10X the info than you can get here.

Best of luck!

thanks for the tips. i got in touch with of couple current and recently graduated central st martins MAID students via email. all had a lot of interesting things to say, particularly the fact that the course attracts students from all over the world - the EU, asia, US, creating a very unique educational experience that i might not get from staying in the US. but you’re right, i am going to visit soon and get a feel for it firsthand. it’s just so expensive but i guess if i’m moving to london, i will have to get used to dropping money like that!