CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS, any good/fair/bad comments?

Dear all current and past students of CSM, what do you think about our school? How well does the school prepare you with design skill sets to be a potential designer, aka. research skills, design development skills, etc? Does the name of the school and the wide connections that tutors have with the design world help you in anyway to get internships or full-time job upon graduation? Please give fair and honest comments.

And to all people who do not go to CSM but know about CSM. What do you think about CSM? Maybe you get the experience of CSM in any other ways, eg. looking through the graduation shows?


NOTE: i need opinions about bachelor program product design.


It’s the same as any other art school, it is what you make of it. Work hard = you have good skills and chance of getting employed easily after Uni. The thing you’ll notice about CSMers is that they can blag a lot, talk the talk, but when you are showing your portfolio to someone with less than standard skills, you can’t really blag that! By your third year though you do have a good understanding of the design process etc., and the biggest strength of CSM students is their research and concept generation stage of the process.

I graduated in July, went on holiday for a month, back home for a month while searching for a job, and am now employed as a junior product designer… how? I worked hard, and my portfolio reflected that.

As for the Degree show… be prepared to view some serious favouritism…

As for the name ‘carrying you’…again, it is what you make it. CSM is a bigger name outside of the UK than in the Uk. In fact, many people have negative views of the place for various reasons in the UK. But AGAIN, work hard and you’ll avoid that.