Centfils, Solutions for a so called wireless world

hi everybody,
just want to show you our Centfils project (play on cent fils, french for “hundred cords”, and sans fils, which mean “wireless”).
they are power bars of a new kind :

more details and images at hotchoz.com.
expecting your feeback and comments.

power bars? ah. very nice.

inhouse project? client? on sale?

I’d love to, but I can’t figure out how to. Does your website come with a manual?

I saw it featured at mocoloco? or somewhere else.
I actually found the website quite easy to use…I think the designs are quirky and whimsical, yet I’m not sure about their practicality.

ykh > it is an in house project, we are looking for a manufacturer able to deal with electrical norms and security constraints.
do you know any ?

cg > I did my best !

melovescookies > the project has been featured in mocoloco, id fuel, sensory impact and a few others.