center for user oriented design

Does anybody have an idea about CENTER FOR USER ORIENTED IT DESIGN, stockholm? The website seems interesting, from the pov of the work that these guys do, but is far from being updated. Here it is

I am interested in pursuing higher studies (research based/industry focused) in the field of user centred design. which would be the best option, is there any list of such schools. Thanx everybody. For you info, I have done my Master of Design (Industrial Design) from IIT Delhi, India.

I can’t think of any product that isn’t user-centered designed.


I am actually in a very similar situation (BSME looking for a career in Design, but more so on the research side - thinking that grad school may be a nice way to go), so any help here would be appreciated.

Regardless, many many many products are not designed with a user-centered design process. Designers typically trust their instincts, co-workers, or guidelines set by the marketing department (which may or may not be scientifically grounded) to base most of the criteria for a product design - usually with no direct input for the user population. The problem lies in the fact that - as designers we are incapable of understanding the typical user of our products, because we inherently become experts in what we design. Therefore, it is difficult to fully know whether or not our designs are going to be user-friendly, obvious, simple to use and understand - all that we can guarantee without in-depth testing and research is that it is going to be aesthetically pleasing.

Sorry for the rant, back to the topic at hand. From my research I have found that you may be looking for a degree more in Human Factors Engineering, Engineering Psychology, or Ergonomics. Here are some resources that may help:

GOOD LUCK! and please keep the posts coming!

Thanx Guest for the leads. You are right in ways more than one. what i would like to add is that what I am looking for is the p r o c e s s . I hope there are schools that teach you and make you practice the how to’s of user centric design. I agree, molested cow and Bryce, that no good product can be designed without the UC portoion well catered to but, again, if we are talking of companies and organisations like microsoft, philips,nokia,etc who have design teams looking after projected future scenarios and user-interaction possibilities, I feel thse guys are employing some methodiacl approaches to scenario thinking,etc. I wish to formally get into this groove. I am sensitive to user perceptions but want to underline this quality’s presence in me with an apt degree of specialisation with me.

Thanx for the inputs.Guest, do add something!