Censored internet in China

Hi all…
I guess this was released a few years back but I hadn’t heard of it until just recently. As you China travelers are aware of; the censorship on the internet there is horrible and it’s really difficult to get a job done sometimes.

Maxthon.com is a browser that should do the trick. :slight_smile:

what sites are you finding censored? i travel to china frequently and have never encountered a problem accessing any sites…


Try Googling anything on Tibet from a Chinese browser…

Every once in a while they block CNN if they are reporting on a hot China-related topic.

I was just there and 3 things happened:

1: Chinese Services blocked my Exchange email. It only worked from the hotel when I booked an “Executive Suite”

  1. One development office I used has a .tw domain name so I would often get interrupted service as the Gov’t would randomly intercept packets from their mail server

  2. the only service that worked regularly no matter the connection was baidu.com the Chinese Google

I encountered the same problems; wasn’t able to access google.com, my email server or other random sites. Maybe that browser will do the trick but I won’t know until I get over there to test it out. Let me know if any of you are and do…

I bet looking for topics on the Falun Gong don’t go over well either.

you can’t pick up Home - BBC News either. most of the other bbc site works though.