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I am not impressed at all with the crap that is out there for cell phones. I am looking for a new phone, and i do not like anything. I cannot go out and buy ANY product just because i need it, I need to appreciate it in some way, by either its function.aesthetics.manufacturing. I tend to purchase products when I see it and i just point and position my mouth into whistling form. like this **:**o I just havent found a cell phone that does this for me.

My choice: (1)I am currently a sprint subscriber and was willing to leave and buy a black razor with verizon. But to be honest i dont really see anything great in this design other than the props I have heard regarding its “great speaker phone” from friends. (2) since the sprint-nextellz merger, i have heard that a new line of phones are on the way? After looking around I havent seen anything yet. Anybody have pics or hear whats comming out.

Maybe I should just get a beeper

silver cell phones are giegh

along the same lines as toothbrushes, athletic shoes, and boom-boxes?

wine rack is solved. We will go to the Big E and eat white hut and buy hand made wine racks.

alarm clock?
go old school with the big bells on top

cant help you with the phone…theyre all pretty bad here in the U.S.

this is the nicest clock radio i’ve seen…


Heya Deez. You looking for a job to?

i just need a turtleneck that is a size too small and a pair of weathered brown sneakers with two stripes…o and a new cell phone

What are you looking for in a cell phone? Do you just want basic phone functions, or blackberry, pda?

I have a treo 650- which isn’t the prettiest or smallest phone… but it works well for what I need it for.

i dont need pda blackberry phones where i stand in the corner of the bus all scrunched up poking at my phone with a metal toothpic. I just want a cellphone that folds or retracts in some fashion to protect the keypad so that i dont call people by accident while my phone is in my pocket, when then the person listens to my conversation and hears me talking about them haahah.
I jsut want a phone that is durable, a nice screen/interface, a normal ring tone rather than some stoopid midi file of song embarrassing jingle. I dont know…im pissed off now. done.

i guess i am against pda/cellphones. Anyone i have talked to hates having one because they can ALWAYS be reached now. Having that, you now hear your phone going off at 1am from some dude in china sending you an email, now you no longer have a personal life and work is always sticking its head in.

Hahaha----> you are on to something. I actually turn mine off at night because people in HK are always trying to get a hold of me conveniently forgeting that it is 4am in Chicago.

It is, however, certainly nice for managing contacts, getting email on the train, etc. etc. I have actually found that I do not stay at the office as late at night as I used to because I now can deal with the vendors / email anywhere. I take longer lunches… it has actually been pretty nice since I started my life with the old Treo…

But, I certainly understand the downside as well…

Here’s a tasty clock radio

And that first Memorex alarm clock has perhaps the worst UI ever…cool looking overall but hard as hell to use…

I’ve had a crush on the BlackBerry 7100t for some time now…but don’t know if I really want to be able to check my email and be THAT available


see the major problem with that phone though is that its T-mobilz

Just thot maybe you was looking to since you was wanting to share paying for learning DVDs n swap em. if you get them would you share them with us thats still looking for jobs?

I also though that was pretty cheap of you man.

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I hear you Bbarn…

I’ve had 3 phones in my life. Qualcomm Thin Phone, Audiovox CDM-9000 and now Samsung A-650. These are all with the local CDMA provider. I begrudgingly traded in my Qualcomm when my current provider merged with my original provider. The Samsung replaced the Audiovox that died earlier this year.

When it came to buy, I went around everywhere with my requirements:

  1. CDMA with good analog RF capability
  2. No unnecessary features like camera, etc.
  3. Very high quality microphone and speaker.
  4. Willing to pay extra for very good RF and audio.

Apparently no OEM guarantees their phone functions very very well as just a phone. No carriers test phones to determine their RF capability, signal quality, voice quality, etc. I could not find good information or specs, even on the relatively well respected Howard Forums. Only one guy even attempts to test these characteristics… a guy named Steve Punter in Ontario.

I wanted a phone that will make a call from the back side of the ski hill. You know, when you’ve crashed your mountain bike and broken your leg and need a helicopter or you’ll die from overnight exposure. And sadly, nobody has a phone that good and worth paying extra for.


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I love it when the boards get bitchy.

oh, and personally I love my new sony erricson W800i. No flip, slide or whatever so might not be your cup 'o tea.

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