cell phone radiation

Are the flip top cell phones safer on the ear in terms of radiation? Has anyone researched it? So far conjecture of course says flip top with an exterior antennae is best…

Believe it or not my ear rings when I use my cel phone with an internal antenna. I almost always use the hands free cord which helps.

I doubt any phone i smuch safter than another, let alone a different configuration. Fact is, it’s still next to your head. If you want to argue if this…much radiation next to your brain is better than this…much, well, I think it’s probably really bad either way.

Remember a few years ago, Ericcson was having some issues because they used really strong magnets in their speakers. People would put there phone next to a spoon on the table and it was strong enough to pick it up. Everyone said “ooooooh Ericson phones are bad for you, just look at this dinner table trick!” Well, a couple of years after that they are sticking magnets into clothing, jewelery, body wraps, ad nauseum and now it’s supposed to be good for you. Marketing…go figure.

So, do you not use one at all? There are so few people who will really just not use one at all.

Where has the safety problem been documented?

Hi Heidi,

What you have heard it absolutly correct.

This won’t be documented because the phone companies don’t fancy going the way of the tobacco companies and governments are under to much economic pressure to do any research with teeth … allegedly

Virtually all phones have Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) shielding to protect users. The antenna is the dangerous bit - having a phone that has an external antenna is good but the clam shell design is even better because the antenna angles away from the head with the top flip part of the phone acting as a guard.

EMF shielding is the next best thing to a directional antenna (i.e. only emits radiation away from the head) which is apparently very difficult to make work efficiently.

I heard this first hand from an mobile (sorry cell) phone antenna designer.


Bruce :astonished:

Thanks a million for the explanation. Since you are so knowledgable, have you heard–or anyone–about new phones available or soon to be available in Europe which have the newest and best EMF?

I heard about it at a party, so who knows the validity.

Also, I find it so strange that cell/mobile phone resellers don’t keep track of this stuff. I sort of think of it as roll over/tip rates on SUVs.

Hey–I am just going to throw this out there, does anyone know about any cool ID firms in Berlin? There’s not much on line…

Thanks all

Rollover rates of SUV’s? What’s the comparison?

Meaning if you were to buy an SUV you might concern yourself with how safe that model is in regards to it’s “rollover rate”–I don’t know what they actually call it.

So, if you buy a cell phone you might concern yourself with which model disperses more radiation–But what I am gathering is that there is no conclusive evidence.

As I mentioned in the original post, but my ear kind of buzzes when I use my phone. I’ll ask my doctor.