Cell Phone graphics Specs?

Hey I am working on a side project for my personal portfolio where I would like to try to design a cellphone interface. I have a good idea of how I would like for it to operate but I realized that I do not know the actual specs used for the graphics (resolution, bit rate, compression format, etc)

Does anybody have any idea of where to find such a thing?


If you’re talking about the UI, most cell phones have a standard QVGA or similar resolution (320x240). The products will always list the screen resolution in their spec sheets. Some devices like the iphone are half VGA (480x320) and there are newer displays that will do full VGA (640x480).

There is no such thing as a bit rate or compression when talking about displaying a UI, those are for audio formats.

You need to start with the size of the screen you’re looking at. It is pretty much the same idea as if you’re working on a computer. You determine the size of the display and us 72 dpi as the resolution and you can then calculate approximately what your pixel ratio will be.

Most typical phones are in the realm of 2" diagonal…iPhone I believe is in 3.5"? give or take.

OpenGL/ES combined with a Physics engine is the hotness:

You can find a phone you think is about right, and Google the specs of that model. Some websites will tell you at least the screen resolution.

Illustrator allows you to create artwork to match many phone’s specs.

I’ll look back into it and repost.

Keep in mind theres inherent dangers when working in Illustrator.

It’s good when you need to make scalable icons and elements, but I’ve seen a lot of people be decieved by the amount of detail they can actually get when they take their vector image and convert it into a super low res (320x240) display. Suddenly their .5pt stroked image doesn’t look so hot when it’s only 3 pixels wide.

LOL, try doing it on a woven label on the tongue of a shoe.