Celebrity Designers

I saw this:

(designed by Sly, who owns part of the company Montegrappa)
and it inspired me to compile a list of ‘celebrity’ designers*:

Dr.Dre http://www.beatsbydre.com/

Paul Jr. (from American Chopper):

Steve McQueen’s Bucket Seat

Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar Support:

Will.I.Am is Intel’s creative director of innovation.

*I mean, why am I bothering?


A mountain of grappa?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Well the first few are just marketing. Sad but true George Foreman’s Lean Mean Fat Reducing Gilling Machine not really designed by George Foreman… The Steve McQueen seat was designed by Steve McQueen he raced a lot in real life. That pen is a POS if I have ever seen one, I was under the impression that Ed Hardy was out of fashion due to MMA and racing brands targeting people who don’t even watch that type of racing (Fox, alpinestars, etc), I’ll take a LAMY any day over that.

I don’t know that I would include Beats by Dr Dre in that list… everything else is fair game though.

Hey, if Edward L. Van Halen thinks there’s need for a guitar support, then there is a need for a guitar support.

Yeah, I worked for Connelly, a watersports manufacturer for a while. Every wakeboard / ski the company put out was “designed” by some professional. This was of course pure marketing. The most involved in the process they ever got was that they got one of the first samples, rode it and said “yeah, seems good.”

Didn’t really bother me though. I didn’t go into design for the recognition. Plus, I think most consumers know that they’re not REALLY designed by these people.