CEC shoe design contest

do you feel like being creative and designing your own shoe? Then participate the ‘CEC Shoe Design Contest’! Circumscribe your shoe concept using text, pictures, animated graphics, … There’re no limits to your creativity! Of course, participation is free and can easily be done in the internet. You find more information and access here :arrow_right: http://www.cec-codesign.net.
The best ideas will be awarded with production of a prototype of your own shoe and other amazing prizes.
The ranking of shoe designs will be carried out by well-known European firms, e. g. Hugo Boss, Hergar and Future Concept Lab.
As part of the European research project CEC the contest has no commercial background.
Participate, be creative and have fun!

Your website doesnt actually say the brief anywhere, it merely mentions orginal origins and say refer to the brief… despite there not being one there

Pfff allot of text. Also site look pretty cheap.