hey guys,
right now i am trasnferring out of western michigan’s POS ID program, and going to CCS’s product design program next semester(spring semester.) Was a big random choice but its for the best. BUt anyways, I know their trans design is ridiculous but i havent heard much on their product design. BUt for me product design is where i can truely shine. Can anyone give me any pro’s/cons or experiences of CCS, either the school in general or the product design program, or whatever.


Biggest drawbacks -

CCS is not in the best place location wise for product… so because of this it is hard to find the intructors and guest speakers that would make it great (unlike for car design)

A large amount of students in the product department are wash outs from the trans deparment, but they still want to be car guys - most just aren’t passionate about product design

its expensive.

positives for CCS -

they have great model making class

Its CCS for gods sake!!!

You will be a sketching machine.

I agree on the location, however the main problem isn’t the physical location, but stepping out to let YOURSELF be exposed. Most CCS students are not really active in doing that. The career services is doing a good job getting companies’ attention and holding portfolio reviews. You should make good use of their services.

Expensive? I thought so until I found out about other school’s tuition fees. Check Columbus College of Art, Art Center, RISD. Perhaps even compare it to CIA and other well known institutes, CCS is considered cheap! University of Michigan is the one that vaporizes your wallet.

The thing about trans-rejects flooding in the Product Design department will soon be over ( I hope ) because from next year, there will be a new system. The ID will have Automotive design ( car design), Transportation Design ( public transports, buses etc) and Product Design.

Auto design will be the 20 or so who make it. BTW I don’t think the 20 really represent the TOP 20 of the students.

Trans design will be those who want to do cars but don’t make it.

Product design will be hardcore product guys.

There is a new model making class that started this year, something I didn’t have when I was a freshman. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty hardcore. The instructors are great. It’s really up to you to make your models. Many students are lazy to make physical models and rely on renderings. Some teachers make sure you have a physical model for the project ( TAKE THOSE INSTRUCTORS!!!), some let you do whatever you want. It’s also up to you to make a stunning model or someting not even worth showing.

Many people say that model making skill is becoming redundant. Well, for personal development I think it’s essential. I learnt a lot about my own designs through making physical versions of it.

Anyways, no matter what, your move is a great one. I know of people who transfered from western and none regretted. It’s a huge change, and CCS is no where near the party school western is. You probably won’t have much of a social life. It’s Detroit, what kind of social life is there to begin with?!

all good news for me, anything is butter compared to western. Im not expecting a big party school, and im not expecting tons of hot chics. Its an art school, a place for me to get down to business and hone my skills to perfection. When i want distractions i can take the 2hour drive back to kalamazoo.

anyways, yeah the location definitely will have its drawbacks…but MC what ur sayin bout the portfolio review services really excites me, and i am hopin to grab an intership asap.

A question i have though, right now im half way through soph year in id, and i feel my portfolio is quite strong… sketchin, rendering, modelmaking, and cadwork. the school has not yet decided what year of the program i will come in, which they will decide come january third when i bring my portfolio in again. which is cuttin it close to the jan 9th start date but the admissions lady said its cool. but do they usually stick all transfers in as freshman…thats all i have heard. hope i can make it as a soph at least.

CCS is pretty good on giving you liberal arts credits, but i don’t know what about core classes including foundation ones. It’s a money making school, so be prepared to be held back for a year or somethign.

Porfolio reviews are usually for juniors and seniors. If you can find an internship on your own, go for it. Don’t wait for the school to do anything for you.

so what happens to all the trans guys? where do they find work after they graduate? do they work for suppliers to the OFM studios for the major auto company?

Speaking from many years experience in the real pro design world, CCS just doesn’t teach logical problem solving. The students at CCS are cut off from the normal checks and balances that university students are exposed to everyday. I have seen the laziest of the lazy graduate from that school. They refuse to understand that, outside CCS, people don’t see the point of most of their designs. If they presented most of their designs at a university, the engineering majors would laugh at them, the phsychology majors would make fun of them for their phalic tendencies…the list goes on. They are whiney and complain about anything that is not a pretty picture. Watch monster garage or one of the shows where they purposely dis the art center rendering guy and ignore him ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

In general people dislike CCS students. CCS Takes payoffs from companies as well.

Wow… you actually admit to watching monster garage… I was listening untill I read that.

haha! he is funny… thanks for the laugh :laughing:

Guest34 I completely agree with you. CCS students have the worst reputation and like you said not to many people like theym.

I graduated from CCS trans.

If you want to know about being in trans watch the movie “Skulls”.

Would I recommend CCS. NO.

is that the moive, about the underground society? are you working for a OEM car studio?

Yes, yes.

well did you find that it helped you get that job? with a major oem car design studio. are you bitter about that, like it is a good ol boy club? tell me more about your time at CCS

damn that aint soundin so good…i heard ccs is a cut throat and competitive atmosphere but i figured that would be for the better…hmmph. i have heard so many different opinions from ccs and about ccs its ridiculous. as many good ones as bad ones, kinda strange if u ask me.

It’s up to you to create your experience. You can choose to get worked up by all the political crap that goes on or create your own path. I am sure all schools have their own unique problems.

People who got what they want will tell you that it’s a good experience. People who didn’t will not. If you are just starting to seek for a school for Product Design, I would have suggested alternative choices, but since you are already accepted, I am not going to discourage you. Just keep your eyes opened and stay out of people’s way. It’s more cut throad in the trans side. Product students are much more approachable… at least my friends are. Just put 110% effort into your work, foundation or liberal art or ID classes, you won’t regrat it.

MC thats exactly how im thinkin man…no matter how bad it is it cant be worse the western michigan, so its gonna take a frickin nuclear fallout at ccs to really scare me away. MC im just curious man, what year are u, and it sounds like ur in trans design? it def sounds like u r pleased with the education so far, just curious what kind of intership and job opportunities u see and what kind the product designers get(if ur not a PD).

No I am in Product, just graduated this semester. Am I pleased with the education? I can’t say so, but I am GLAD that I got what I got because many students didn’t. It’s pretty abstract to describe. I happened to get instructors that were excellent. Some were by choice, some were by accident. Most of them, however, are not teaching now. They are either taking a break or retired for good.

Not many people know much about CCS. I’ve had 2 internships in the US. One has many CCS grads but have never hired recent students as interns. The other one is pretty famous but never hired any CCS student before. Students from other schools are much more pro-active and aggressive in applying for internships. In a sense, I don’t know why CCS product students tend to shy away from this fight.

If you want me to tell you what’s bad about ccs, I can go on for days, but what’s the point? It’s subjective. However what “guest” suggest about watching the movie The Skulls sounds pretty accurate, but happens mostly within the trans department.

exactly… coming from a fellow student this is defintly the case. NOTHING in this world is handed to you, why should the school hand it to you? the problem with the student body @ ccs and many of its grads is they feel that the jobs should be handed to them, as if the school should get them a job. the bottom line is it is you that gets the job, its your work, its your attitude, its everything snowballed into one. Everyone can say what they want about the institution, becuase bleieve me there are many many problems with it, but hats the same no matter where you go, my poor gramar skills are a prime example. The highest paid designers from CCS are product guys, but they are the ones that earned it, by busting their ass and being better than the next guy.

I personally recomend the school CCS is good school. It is what you make of it. It is you that gets you the job, and its you that chooses to move forward.

my .02

CCS, is great.

I love the teachers and environment. Very creative.