CCS Student Porfolio - Looking for Internship

Finally made my first portfolio… Working towards an internship this summer so I finally made a clean cut version of my work. Check it out, any comments will be appreciated…

next is my website!

Tack Stick:

Cool project that answers a student’s immediate needs, especially when you have to pin up 20 pages of sketches every week.

My main problem with your presentation is, I only understood what this whole project is about only when I saw that little photo of the person using it on the last page. Without anyone to explain it, I probably won’t have taken a closer look at it.

Questions about this that I have is: Accuracy. We tend to want to put the pin in a precised place, most often on the very edge or corner of the paper. How can I be just as precised with this device?

What about taking the pins down? I find it a biggle hassle to retrieve them after the presentation, especially when you have to rush to your next class.


It seems that you got stuck with one format of the mech, which is to have 2 legs. Why? What about other methods of movement? Wheels, multiple legs, conveyer belts etc? Or something even more innovative?


Good points-- You have a lot of sketches to show. Sketches means you have process to tell and you should do it more. Your modeling skill seems to be pretty good too. To me this is important as it shows that you are really involved in your work, and that you understand your design very well since you need to build it with your hands.

Improvements-- You don’t seem to be very sensitive in terms of graphics. This includes color as well as layouts. Your boards tend to be over crowded, and I can’t see an organization at the first glance. Your layout should present a route for my eyes to read at the first glance.

Although this isn’t the most important thing, your line quality needs improvement.

You also need to explain your designs better. For example, I can’t really understand what are the main wow features of the walking aid. I see the design, but I don’t understand it. Is that flap a seat for the user? Show it!

You can also use a paragraph of text for each page to tell people what this page is about.

Imagine you are making an illustrated story book for children, what do you need to do so that everyone can understand it?

Which year are you at and who were your instructors for these projects?

Hey MC,
I remember talking to u sometime back about CCS and that you were a student here. I am currently a first semester junior due to loss of transfer credits but so far I have only been at CCS for 2 semesters total.

The TackStick is a personal project for the BraunPrize competition. I am having an extremely difficult time showing that the dispenser actually retrieves the tacks back into it. I spent a month figuring out the mechanics on it, but I do not know how to show what it does. I have a very good understanding of engineering and I try to use it as much as possible when designing, but I need help getting my presentations better. Also, the blue head is actually clear so you can see exactly where the tack is contacting the page. The top of the dispenser is tapered so when retrieving a tack it slides back in, with ease while the ball bearing detents (like a quick disconnect) grab onto the front lip of the tack.

The Weber Grill was done for Harvey Winn.

The Mech was actually for model making, it was just supposed to be a camera but I had some extra fun with that. Obviously not very practical, maybe I should not show it as a serious product because it really isnt?..

The medical walker was done for Steve Schock. My first project at CCS, I learned a boatload especially coming right from Western Michigan.

I have a very hard time with graphics, any specific suggestions will help. Should I show more of the features through a storyboard? or with the actual model and a human figure? I agree my pages are overcrowded, its hard for me to decide what stays and goes. Can you send me your portfolio or some work? I learn best from example…

Thank you so much for the awesome feedback.


“I am having an extremely difficult time showing that the dispenser actually retrieves the tacks back into it.”

Do before and after cut-away views. If you can do that well, it will be excellent. Line drawings will be fine. Too much coloring will probably make it more difficult to read.

“I have a very good understanding of engineering and I try to use it as much as possible when designing…”

Just to let you know that while it’s good to have engineering knowledging, I think it’s more of a challenge for you to throw that away at appropriate times. Sometimes you just need to be sub conscious about what you are doing and let your emotions take over. Sometimes you need to be an engineer to rationalize things.

“The Mech…” That’s fine, but if it’s not a very eliborately done, then I guess you should label it as form exercise.

Story board, comic strip-style sketches with humans using it are all good. I did notice that you did a pretty good job sketching the hand that was holding the tack stick. For over crowdedness, you have to decide what you want that page to tell. Best is pick one or two related features for each page so that the audience will focus on them insteads of being confused.

2 semesters in CCS and I think you are doing great! Make sure you take Roney’s class at some point.

I will PM you a link to my portfolio.