CCS for a semester?

I’m an Industrial Design student at MIAD. It is a good school, but doesn’t teach any transportation. I want to finish at MIAD because I want a degree in ID rather than something really focused like transportation design. However I thought it would be a good idea to take a semester at CCS to learn about transportation design. Is this a good idea?

It is definitely a good idea. I did an exchange semester at CIA with a classmate. My TA did an exchange at CCS for a semester.

Talk you your school’s registrar. You should be able to do an exchange while making sure all the credits transfer and pay your home school (MAID in this case) so financial aid and all that stay the same.

what was your reason for doing a exchange at CIA, and when do you think is the best time to do this?

My school was a bit more on the fine arts + theory side… think one off furniture hand cut dove tails meets ambiguous personal potable time telling devices (not watches)… I wanted to do a semester at a school that showed me how to bridge the two together, and had transportation. I did it the first semester of my senior year, but I would recommend the second semester of your junior year.

I don’t think you can do a transportation design exchange semester in CCS unless you are already in one. For example, CCS and Strate Collage in France have exchange program for their transportation programs. CCS also gets a student from one of the Chinese school.

If you are not in a transportation design program, I don;t see any reason why they should take you.

You can probably do a product design exchange, and take an intro to trans class as your studio, but that means you will be doing it with freshmen.

Someone I went to school with did an exchange at CCS in transport from a product program.