CCS Detroit- Is it easy to get in?

I’m thinking of transfering to ccs from a comunity college, is it easy to get in? I only have a 2.6 gpa and my artwork is just average. Do you think I can get in or should I start looking elsewhere? What other decent art schools in Michigan do you recomend? (also $800 per credit hr, is that really pricey?)

nope. it’s tough. check to see if they still offer industrial design at wayne state. i took classes there to save money.

if michigan is your location, there is also kendall college of art and design in grand rapids. prices there actually dropped since i went there. they are now affiliated with ferris and their new building is pretty interesting. iirc, the last time i checked, undergrad was under 300/hr. they offer generous scholarships and it’s a smaller program.

the other programs in michigan sort of fell off. the western michigan id program is non-existant now. u of m, i’m not confident of.

Is it easy to get in? Why don’t you just try it?

I think the tuition did go up since I left, but you should do some research on other schools of similar competitiveness and will probably be surprised to find that CCS’s tuition is among the lower ones.

Art Center charges $14000 a semester, 8 semesters to graduate. That’s in LA.

Living expense in Detroit is pretty reasonable, and there are plenty of resources for everything if you know where to look.