CCA vs. Pratt - revisited.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been admitted to Pratt’s MID program and the California College of the Arts’ MFA Design program. I’ve been looking at old posts, but would realllllllllllly appreciate fresh information comparing the two programs!

I’m a graduating college senior with a background in a non-design related field, so my technical ID skills will be behind my peers’, but I’ve got a great love for design and am a hard worker. I want to know - what are the programs like? How stressful? What are the expectations? Living conditions? What is the academic atmosphere (down-to-earth, snooty, judgemental, cooperative, competitive, cut-throat, kind, constructive) ? Overwhelming philosophy? Attitude towards practical matters like internships and job placement? What is student life like… are there fun extracurriculars to get involved with? Is the program too demanding to do anything but work?

Ultimately, what do you think is a better graduate experience, Pratt or CCA? And since money is an issue for me but not a dealbreaker - if one of them gives me much less aid than the other, should the quality of the program overshadow the level of debt I’ll be put in?


edit: changed “CCA” to “California College of the Arts” to clarify


Sorry! CCA as in California College of the Arts.