My daughter has been accepted to the BFA program at CCA and the Bachelor of Industrial Design at NCSU. We need to make a final decision soon.

Appreciate any feedback regarding the eminance of the two programs within the ID community. Both look similar in curriculum but CCA is an Arts degree whereas NCSU is an ID UG Degree. Does this hold any bearing? Do you have any inputs on percieved advantages/disadvantages of CCA being in the design hub(SFO) vs NCSU being in the Triange area? We are leaning more towards NCSU as it is a large university(more affordable) and allows my daughter to take a broader range of courses in engineering and business management if she so desires. We think an MBA in design/management may help with a commercial rounding to the ID program. Would like to hear from experienced industrial designers on this view?

We are unable to find much on the internet about eminance and recognition of the two Schools. Look forward to hearing your views. Regards.

Welcome to Core77,
I’m a bit surprised your daughter isn’t here asking these questions, why does she like ID?

Use the search function to find reviews of both schools, including reading the permanent discussions at the top of the Students and Schools section. these should provide all the feedback to get you started.

have your daughter post a portfolio here and give her perspective on what type of career she’s interested in, and we can provide direction on the the type of school to go to (these two choices are on different ends of the spectrum)

I went to NCSU and now I have a job. Seems to be a good measure.

What worked for me there was I was interested in medical device design. Both UNC and Duke have medical schools and the local hospitals had no issues with me coming around and doing research. One semester I saw over a dozen gall bladders removed. Another semester I was doing ride alongs with EMTs. I hung out in radiology, the path lab, pharmacy and even looked at the check in process and waiting areas (combining NC furniture design and healthcare).

But don’t expect NCSU professors to open any doors at those facilities. At least, they did not for me.