CCA vs. Georgia Tech, BFA vs. MFA

I’ve been accepted to the California College of the Arts for a second bachelor’s degree in ID, and accepted to Georgia Tech’s masters program for ID (both are 3 year programs). I have my own personal pros & cons, and am looking for opinions on a) academic quality and internships and b) location, in general and in terms of design opportunities.
Additionally, how important is the difference between a BFA in ID and an MFA in ID? Is this difference worth considering?
For more of a background, I will have a BA in mathematics and a minor in art from Hamilton College after this month.

Visit both schools.

a little on CCA from this week:

The work I’ve seen out of CCA has been really refined / mature. I think this is a result of the MANY world class leading product design firms around the area. Fuseproject, One and Co, Astro, Frog, Lunar, Smart, Mike and Maaike are all there and all seem to be highly involved in student reviews, etc. Also, landing an internship with one of these groups would be much easier living in the area rather than living in Georgia. Finally, I believe Yves Behar of fuseproject is on the board. That CAN’T hurt.

Check out the post by Michael above. I was VERY impressed. It’s not often there are that many heavy hitters in one room for student reviews.


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To have been accepted to possibley the two most polar opposite programs in the country says a lot about your capablities!
Read up on the discussions regarding choosing a school and reviews of them each.

(there’s alreadygood promoting of CCA so for a plug of the other…)
GA Tech is what it says it is, technical. the two MFA grads I work with are very academic, research oriented and do very little design work, in the traditional ID sense.

Just saw “The Internship”, it cracked me up to see the Georgia Tech campus serving as a stand-in for Google’s headquarters.