greetings, guys, i’ve got a decision that I’m hoping some of you can help me out with.

I applied master of ID and till now got accepted from CCA/ CINCY/ IIT/ RISD. Now it’s time to choose. Which one do you prefer if it is you?

I’ve got a bs in design already.
here is my opinion and confusion about the four schools.

  1. CCA only I know is Yves Behar is the director. I like his work. But I am afraid that the courses will sort of repeate my undergrad class. and Does CCA has reputation in the states?

  2. CINCY I know cincy’s undergrad course is great. But it seems that no one talks about its grad program. is it good too?

  3. IIT I read the topic" why IIT is so mysterous". Honestly, I have the same confusion about IIT’s fame recognition. But according to the faculty and courses(design management and research), it is good.

  4. RISD I heard that it is a top 3 school for design in USA, but I can`t find too many famous designers graduated in RISD.

And the most important thing I CARE is FUTURE CAREER.
from perspective of job placement and fame recognition for firms, which one is better.
I read the 2008 alumni survey of IIT, the median of IIT’s annual salary is $95,000. It sounds attempting. What about the other schools?

Honestly, I wouldn’t look to much at the whole career thing.
If you are good, you are going to have a career, no matter what school you go to.
this is especially true for a grad program where you are much more on your own in the process.
Also, I think the “famous designer” thinking is a little silly. If you ask the designer if the school made them famous, they most likely will say no. They just produced good work and met the right people.
Grad school is so much about building a network.

What I think is more important is the philosophy of the school and if it is similar to yours. You did a lot of research already so I am sure you can answer this question.