CCA MFA Design- what's your opinion

I’ve applied to graduate schools, and I’ve gotten into CCA for an MFA in Design, focusing on Industrial Design. I currently live in Boston, and everyone here only knows about Pratt and RISD.
Can someone tell me a little more about CCA? I know San Francisco has a ton to offer, and I’ve visited the facilities, which look great. But, being on the east coast, haven’t yet gotten to visit classes or talk to people there face-to-face.
I’m wondering, what’s their reputation in the ID field?
Are there any alums who can speak to the merits/faults of the program?
What’s your opinion of its interdisciplinary grad design degree?
Any and all thoughts you have on the school are appreciated.

Honestly don’t know, haven’t heard much about CCA, but you can search coroflot to look at the folios:

Why did you select CCA out of all the schools off the East Coast?

It’s down to Pratt and CCA, but CCA gave me more money, and I’m more interested in living in San Francisco. Also, I know a lot about Pratt, but not as much about CCA, so just looking for more information to inform my decision.

to apply to that is.

I was interested in West Coast schools, and really it was a last minute thing. But the more I read about their interdisciplinary program the more I’m interested. But I still don’t know much about its reputation in the field or, more importantly, student experiences in the program.

I guess I would think of it more in terms of openings post- program. Or, would more opportunities arise just because I went to Pratt, over CCA? I’m not so sure that it would- but I’m interested to what others think on this matter.

In a time where MBA’s (or MFA’s in this case) are flooding the market, I think that at some point- it’s not going to be about your degree or where it’s from. I think, it’s going to be about what you have done, what you could do, and who you are.

I seemingly know a few people with MBA’s and such- and couldn’t lead a team or project in favor of buying stock in Apple 10 years ago. I think it’s great that they have an “advanced or higher” degree… but if they can’t fit the bill… they don’t fit the bill.

My two cents- go where you want to go. If you want success, then make it happen. I personally don’t think a job is earned or lost just because where you’re from.

Good Luck Homes!

CCA undergraduate seems to be in flux – looks like they’ve been beefing it up since Behar became chair.

Grad? I just checked out the grad website – I wasn’t aware of the program. You do realize that in general, this is in not a program for someone who wants to become an industrial designer, right? “Industrial designer” meaning someone who designs things to be manufactured. This is a program for someone who wants to be in education or non-profit or work as a currator. In the private sector this is for someone who wants to do design research and strategy, or work in some other highly conceptual capacity. All MFA programs will address research, concept, social implications, etc. to some extent, but some programs hold onto studios more.

Pratt MID has been moving torward the “we-don’t-design-objects/we-design systems/design thinking”-side of things lately but still teaches conventional visual/studio skills as well. Some MID graduates take conventional design jobs.

FYI… I am being glib, for the sake of simplicity – I’m not against conceptual design and research – the CCA program actually sounds very interesting.

Man, I thought that was my job :wink:

I would agree, if you want to design products, this may not be the path…