CC in logo design

I have been thinking of using curvature continuity in logo design to improve the quality of the curves.

Associated definitions are as under.
Blending curve : is a connecting curve will be created between two selected curves,
taking certain continuity, position and tension constraints into account.
Continuity: is a mathematical indication of the smoothness of the flow/ behavior of curves
between two curves or surfaces.
Curvature Combs : It gives idea of the quality of curves & connection/transition between curves.
Each of the teeth in this type of comb represents the curvature of the curve at that point.

Will this benefit/help to improve the quality of curves in the graphics design?
Absence of blend etc tools are few limitations in the graphics software that we generally use.
You can also comment on my design. :wink:

MM1 copy.jpg

?Nothing like anything"? It actually look somewhat like alot of things.

It may sound like overkill but I personally would use it if the tools were readily available. I’ve always been a proponent of scientific methods in market research and consumer behavior. There are certain emotions that are conveyed in just the right curvature (although there are other factors you should take into consideration as well).

Company defined tagline…no contribution from my side. :slight_smile:

@scrotum: I saw few flowing form/shape final logos, it seems like few of them had little abrupt transition.
So this might help to address these small issues.
Above example was developed using Alias (blend & CC) then transferred to Coreldraw.

It always seemed a little strange to me that the curvature continuity thing hasn’t caught on in graphics. I guess if it’s not getting translated into a surface it’s easier not to notice the kinks. Personally, I’m a huge fan of it, especially when used with more ‘conservative’ profiles (ones more similar to simple fillets). Look at all the current apple products, the corners are pretty close to a regular fillet, but there’s no ugly C1 kink.

Working with Rhino has made me instinctively tense up when I see that kink, even in graphics haha.