"CBS Sunday Morning - By Design" episode

Anyone else catch the “By Design” episode of “CBS Sunday Morning” today?

Architecture, the history of refrigerators, the ICON sport aircraft, the Murphy bed, the Thonet Model No. 14 chair (60 million manufactured sine 1855) … great stuff.

Too bad it isn’t a History Channel Series.

No I didn’t but I’ve been trying to find it online somewhere!! My girlfriend watched it and just based on her description my mouth was watering!

We always DVR this show to watch on Sunday.

The chair story was great!

Dang, I usually catch it! Totally slept in today.

Ugh! I was up, too and went to the Zoo instead. Bummer.

The chair story was great!

The Thonet (toe-ney) story was great. 60,000,000 steamed, bent wood chairs, fabricated by hand since 1855 has to be the record for “Longest Production-Run Product” … not to mention quantity.

They didn’t spend near enough time on the ICON Sport Aircraft story. Steen Strand (former IDEO/Freebord (skateboards) is co-founder. Some familiar names; David Kelly, Steward Reed, and Troy Lee were project advisors on the development. The engineering group Leads were former Rutan’s Scaled Composites boffins. Impressive start up…

Osgood rules!

Check out many of the video clips from the episode here: http://www.cbsnews.com/2003-3445_162-0.html?tag=cbsnewsTwoColUpperPromoArea

I haven’t been able to find the one about the Thonet chair yet.

Karen Davis

Thanks for the link, will check it out for sure!

The Thonet is covered on the BBC Genius of Design too… episode 2